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Pei Yen, 23, Malaysian, M.B.B.S.
I love TV, music, books, and, well... a lot of stuff, really.

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I’m going to dump the rest of the doodles from #25hours (minus a few terrible unsaved ones) in this post for archiving purposes


mark and his lookalike-

a random corgi that I felt like drawing- 

adam hills!- 

boy with tape on his face- 

a dalek????

"I like you, Perkins. And when I have my glasses on, I look a bit like you."- 

possible outcome for Charlie’s balloon ride challenge (this was before the revelation of Mark’s intense balloon fear)-

adam hills attempts to coerce mark out of his sudden-loud-noise phobia-

adam tickles the beagle man-

(insert jokes about malaria goats or something)-

mark on drums during the power ballad-


joe lycett arrives with doughnuts in hand-

lauren laverne!-

pull your trousers up, mark-

rachel riley-

mark crouches on the stage for half-an-hour, eating lasagne-

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